Z-Ro Shelter in the Storm Lyrics

Z-Ro Tolerance Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Go to War
  • 2 Real Niggaz
  • 3 Creepin'
  • 4 Party
  • 5 I'm a Gangsta
  • 6 Stranger in the Midst
  • 7 Keep Runnin
  • 8 Who Could It Be
  • 9 Jus' a Hoe
  • 10 Ain't Havin None of That Bullshit
  • 11 Shelter in the Storm
  • 12 Time and Again
  • 13 Move Around
  • [Z-Ro]
    Of course I'm thankful for another day, my Lord I can't lie
    But everytime I wake up, seem like one of my people gotta die
    Anthrax poisoning, Hussein and them blew up the Trade Center
    Summer, Fall, Spring, Winter, people in the projects getting thinner
    Barely enough government cheese, left to feed the rats
    But we gotta get it how we live, and how we live is selling crack
    How we live is kicking doors, how we live is pimping whores
    How we live is what we do, so we don't live like this no more
    How we live is wrapping em up, shipping em out wait to receive
    An overloaded Houston Texas, niggaz make they own bleed
    Every night another murder scene, that could of been prevented
    But the truth is we most def, and the last soul tormented
    Every now and then I duck my head, up in the sunday service
    That's the only place where 5-0, won't burst us bust us
    Nigga they don't love us, they wanna relocate us to the Penn
    We wanna do right, but all we see is sin

    In this land, we need you Jesus
    Lord have mercy, we need shelter in the time of storm
    Uh-huh, well, well, well

    Yeah, Rostafar-i help me, help me
    All the young picking them, living in a rush just to get wealthy (wealthy)
    And in the ghetto, we struggle or we hustle till we bubble
    On top, eliminating competition when we buck shot
    Don't press that new, but a new clear shot
    Fire, fire, fire, fire (fire)
    Too many sickness and disease, under attack from overseas
    Mighty job me and for God, please come save the day
    If I should die before I wake, me leave a blessing for me people today
    Mighty job me and for God upon you, take this pain away

    [Hook x2]

    Now I lay me, down to sleep
    I pray the Lord keep my body, as my enemies creep
    Don't wanna be another statistic, living through c.d.'s
    Either the graveyard or max. security, prison you'll see G's
    Look at the homie's little girl, she ain't nothing but sixteen
    Trying to support three kids, so she stay coming out her jeans
    Getting pimped, by somebody that still live with they mama
    But that's the only way she know, to get away from all the drama
    As for books, the mind is a terrible thing to waste
    As for crooks, the nine is a terrible thing to taste
    Ask them niggaz that don bit the bullet, but they still here
    My nigga we ain't seen God befo', but we still fear
    I asked him for a blessing, and he sent me Eugene
    Now I got two cars, a crib and everyday I dress clean
    But it ain't no love, they wanna put a nigga in the Penn
    I wanna do right, but all I see is sin

    [Hook x2]

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