Joe Budden She Don't Put It Down Like Lyrics

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feat. Lil Wayne & Tank
I can see the stars in the day time
Bitch I miss you like a deadline
And them *** is just them ****
I make it *** so its ***
Bitch you know love is nut ask Stan Smith
But I gotta keep a bad bitch like Brad Pitt
Remember our first kiss?
or our last kiss?
Used to go dummy in that pussy, crash test
If you fucking a nigga like you is fucking me
Hah.. Fuck that nigga, he cant fuck with me
Im Tunechi bitch and you know that
And that pistol/pussy so bad
Any given night I’d still pop that ass like a kodak?
Girl you know you got that murder
A beast in an Apollo
Everytime we cut I need to shred a nigga ***
And I know you still love me
And I know its still for me
Thats why we still fucking

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