Marty Willson-Piper She's King Lyrics

Art Attack Track Listing
Vinyl 1
  • 1 O' Stockholm
  • 2 Water
  • 3 She's King
  • 4 Too Round to Be Square
  • 5 You Whisper
  • 6 Fear
  • 7 Evil Queen of England
  • 8 On the Tip of My Tongue
  • 9 Listen/Space
  • 10 Frightened Just Because of You
  • 11 White Spots on My Jupiter Finger Jupiter Blue on My White Shirt
  • 12 Word
  • 13 Ah Stockholm
  • I would rush to find
    Even if I thought
    That it might threaten me
    A thousand things to do
    To follow them all through
    Things to learn and see
    And they will better me.
    I would rush to find
    Thumping hard, banging
    in my mind.
    It's so easy, so easy to fly
    If you try, if you try.
    She's King.
    A throne of violent blue
    And nothing to see through
    Distant eyes to guide
    And to enlighten me.
    And end to all our pain,
    An hour through her heart
    Nothing there at least though
    It encouraged me.

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