Day26 Shawty Wats Up Lyrics

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Ay! Y'all chillin' with Day26 right now
It's ya boy Que! We got somethin' for the ladies

(chorus, Day26 & T-Pain)
Shawty wat's up (wats up) I'm in town for one night
I need somebody to come take a drink with me
Wats up (wats up), I'm in 574 and you might know where to go
Shawty what it's gonna be
If you with it tonight, girl let me know (shawty wats up)
Wats up, she's with it tonight

Ok we poppin' champagne, buyin' all the bottles
Shorty lookin' good, something like a model (shawty wats up)
Give me a week let me know if you finished
Girl my bankroll on maybe you can help me spend it (shawty wats up)
Used to starin' now, now you can get the business
If you know what's good, if you know what's good (shawty wats up)
Normally I post up on the wall, here's my number shorty give me a call


Shawty want another drink, get another bottle
Buyin' out the bar, flyin' out tomorrow (shawty wats up)
Give me your tab, I'm takin' care of the goods
One day I gotta fly you out to my hood (shawty wats up)
We in the zone, gone off that patron, while the dj still playing my song
I'm like (shawty wats up) I got the keys to the ride, ay she certified
Now shorty's gotta ride with me


Girl I know you be listenin' wishin' you could be rollin' with me
Well tonight your chance, cancell all your plans
You don't know what you missin' 'til you get with a real man

I'll take your number and later on, on, on, on
When you see my nubmer in your phone, on, on, on
You already know what it is

So get yourself together
Whatever you wanna do, we can do it and after 2
We sayin

(chorus, Robert ad libs)
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