Hands Like Houses Shapeshifters Lyrics

To know your every detail is a lifetime, a story to tell with a touch.
Every move is a reaction, every kiss is a reason, a rush.
You're my muse and you're my masterpiece,
My canvas and my chemistry, my magic and your mystery,
My haven, you're my heaven, you're my heart.

We will be unbreakable.

Let's take it all as a reminder we'll never need.
Every place we dance, in a way, we never leave.
We're toe to toe, side to side, beneath the stars.
We will be unbreakable.

If I'm the ship then you're the shore,
If I'm the soldier, you're the war.
If I'm the soil then you're the seed.
If I'm the puzzle, you're the piece that completes the picture,
The safety in the storm, the colour of the rising dawn as the mountains kiss her.

From up this close, I can't see a thing aside from you in front of me.
I can't recall a night this clear, a better light to lead us here,
No brighter diamond in the sky than those embedded in your eyes.

Let's take it all as a reminder we'll never need. Lyrics © OBO APRA/AMCOS

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