Pain Teens Shallow Hole Lyrics

Stimulation Festival Track Listing
  • 1 Shallow Hole
  • 2 The Dead Cannot
  • 3 God Told Me
  • 4 The Poured Out Blood
  • 5 Drowning
  • 6 Living Hell
  • 7 Indiscrete Jewels
  • 8 Wild World
  • 9 Daughter of Chaos
  • 10 Evil Dirt
  • 11 Bruised
  • 12 Dog Spirits
  • 13 Hangman's Rope
  • 14 Apartment #213
  • A powerless loveless outsider, wanting to be in control
    To dominate and destroy beauty, put himself in the master's role
    The power ends when death sighs, the victor digs a shallow hole
    The fear of failure ever-present, he is so afraid to lose
    That he never attempts the game, until he's lost the power to choose
    A slave to sadistic thoughts, the handcuff and the noose
    The loser's only love--control, now he plays the game to lose
    He is craving orgasmic power that rape can never supply
    It can't be taken, must be given, it evades him when they die
    Addiction to power consumes him, he continues to try and try
    Watching the energy dissipate, as he stares death in the eye

    Lyrics © OBO APRA/AMCOS

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