Fates Warning Shades of Heavenly Death Lyrics

No Exit Track Listing
  • 1 No Exit
  • 2 Anarchy Divine
  • 3 Silent Cries
  • 4 In a Word
  • 5 Shades of Heavenly Death
  • 6 The Ivory Gate of Dreams: I. Innocence - II. Cold Daze - III. Daylight Dreamers - IV. Quietus - V. Ivory Tower - VI. Whispers on the Wind - VII. Acquiescence - VIII. Retrospect
  • Our need for reason, there greed is paid
    Powers rumble for spiritual sway
    Paths are laid then leaders stray

    It's right then left, witch way to turn
    Follow me or forever burn
    We evil blessed, bring your soul to sell
    All wish away into empty wells

    Fortunes found in holy halls
    Redeem your every fault
    When dogmas given are blindly held
    And treasures given caught
    Any wish can only last
    Until the spell's descried
    While subtle, wicked ways
    Fracture weakened minds

    Slaves of a different kind march to broken bells
    Freedom in a bind and make it all sound well
    Blackened blue etched in glass forming outer walls
    Tell clearly of the emptiness and mute distressful calls

    Lines lead to dead ends where
    Plays seen are never clear
    And those who ride never fare

    Crowned voids forever rule
    In worlds lived and learned of fools
    Conformity's the teachers' tool

    Written by: Dibiase, Matheos, Zimmerman

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