Shad Da God Shad Picasso Lyrics

Hey, DJ MLK, hey DJ Blak!
I'm close to.. and if I go shit, I'll be back tonight
Put that play in motion, get that seconds exactly right
(Cha ching!)
I got some retched hoes, they' my lil retched type
O bought no ticket, nigga
Your soul might catch a flight
Fuck, you know I'm pimping, nigga
Your hoe be on my right
Your bitch right on my left ' woke up
'fifty hundred take a step
I'll be damn how my' gotta keep a debt
I was in the house, the niggas leave the party
Getting rock that, getting rock that (he lean)!
My bitch deal with lose hair
She just part that, part that, yeah!
These niggas want the money still working on the fundamental'
They even got there ' the grinding, they gonna remember ya
Hey, listen!
I remember when we was in'
Dragging on that lean shit '

Oh, I swear dear partner shit will be going, man
I'm trying to paint a picture, man
I'm Shad Picasso, man!
Fuck, you're saying that!

Hosted right there, Rockefeller
Bad deal like a dope boy
One five of my swisher'
Getting money, my only choice
Step one hundred, my party joy
Trying to' with my party joy
' to be that smoker boy
You know I'm getting rich when I see'
Big' with the hoes on me
Suicide type, your hoes on me
This ain't regular gold... I got rose on me!
' the only hoe, got their nose on me!
Bitch say I ain't getting money
More bill, new shots, that's a'
Sometimes you got a cab nigga'
Just another side of the business
I'm real! I .. with you dope boys,
So I the chop in a minute
Girls must be rolling hard,
Cause I ain't got them busters tweeting
Who's better like'cause everything's so conscious
Them niggas knew I had long rage
When I cam through with the'
Baby girl, knew I was on that'
Get the same shit always, Shawty!

Ha ha ha
This what happens when you put rich niggas together!
You get that gas life!
Shad the God!
DJ MLK, I am DJ BLAK, Mr. Fist Your Face.
Grand hustle, bitch!

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