Edguy Sex Fire Religion Lyrics

Tinnitus Sanctus Track Listing
12" Vinyl 1
  • 1 Ministry of Saints
  • 2 Sex Fire Religion
  • 3 The Pride of Creation
  • 4 Nine Lives
  • 5 Wake Up Dreaming Black
  • 6 Dragonfly
  • 7 Thorn Withoout a Rose
  • 8 9-2-9
    12" Vinyl 2
  • 1 Speedhoven
  • 2 Dead or Rock
  • 3 Aren’t You a Little Pervert Too?!
  • 4 Lavatory Love Machine (live in L.A.)
  • 5 Vain Glory Opera (live in L.A.)
  • 6 King of Fools (live in L.A.)
  • Gimme your everything and keep your fear
    Godly voices telling me what to do
    They're out for palpitation
    Then leave you to your desperation
    Take you and tie you and run over you

    There's no resistance to the cry of the sirens
    Calling you - a razor edge affair
    You close your eyes boy
    She tears your lids in two
    Never even try to miss she's there

    And then when the time pieces shatter
    I am baptized by the attar
    Right into heavens door

    Sex Fire Religion
    Visionary position
    Angel in your temple of pleasure
    Sex Fire Religion
    I been granted admission
    Angel in your temple of love

    Wicked wild m'am with a bag full of tricks
    And up shit creek there I'm stuck in a fix
    Strikes like a bolt from the blue
    The siren baits with lubrication
    Then she steals your habitation
    Rides you and ties you and runs you

    Maybe she don't know love
    But she knows how to make it
    Divinity is running down her skin
    In the city of evil we touch the sky
    Let the ride to paradise begin

    And when the time pieces shatter
    I am baptized by the attar
    Kick down into the pie

    [Chorus 2x]

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