Aloha Setting Up Shop Lyrics

Street lights flicker and die
I think it’s time to come inside
It’s been a while
I want to hear your pointy shoes tapping on the hardwood
These empty homes we can make it good
We’ve got a sleeping bag, a wind-up clock and puffy coat
For most of us, ain’t a lump in our throats
We were sixteen people, setting up shop,
praying that a little rain would keep us here another day

Knock, yeah, knock
We’re coming to the city like we never forgot it
To wait for trees, the cover of leaves takes more time than we’ve got
And I could drink the rain all day
The roof will be ours
Your hair will take hours to drain
The echo of the walls makes you loud
You’re welcome to shout, but up to my ears the lightest sounds will come out
Now we’re just two people living in a house
Our chimney throwing signs
The garden growing rings
And wind to carry everything

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