Tadpole Set to Fade Lyrics

The Buddhafinger Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Intro
  • 2 Alright
  • 3 No. 1
  • 4 Blind
  • 5 Better Days
  • 6 For Me
  • 7 No Man
  • 8 Set to Fade
  • 9 Music Box
  • 10 You Know It
  • 11 Backdoor
  • 12 Kindred
  • 13 White Horsie
  • I don't want deception, had enough of that before
    And I don't need protection, I'll find my own way around
    But thank you so much for your concern,
    You live, you breathe and I'll learn.

    Surrender the game
    Your tactics are known
    Just surrender the game
    You big pretender, you big pretender.

    Your charming smile is bloodless
    I can handle this and more, fast as you dream pretences
    I'll bring them crumbling down
    But thank you so much for your concern
    You fake you scheme and I'll learn

    (Surrender the game...)

    My weapon is leveled and set to fade
    and while I scan the surroundings it's set to fade
    let this serve as your warning, your game is played out
    I'll just, I'll just fade you out.
    Now I have turned the tables, failure never tasted sweet
    The pride that's yours to swallow will choke you in defeat
    But thank you so much for your concern
    You break you bleed and I'll learn

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