The Blood Brothers Set Fire to the Face on Fire Lyrics

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fire! fire! fire!

orange yellow and black flesh trees bloom fire fire fire
i'm gonna set this motel 6 on fire fire fire
those young fists clenched devour
make a million millionaires
set fire to the ships on fire!
set fire to the hips on fire!

the salacious throne of lightbulb wire wire wire
i'm kicking snowmen like it's going out of style style style
those cold hooked cemetery claws
raking out the infants' jaws
set fire to the homes on fire!
set fire to the dress on fire!
set fire to the stage on fire!
set fire to the skulls on fire!

now i'm tied to a seagull's back yeah fire fire fire
and all those black-haired bayonets trying to lure me down with the sounds of their choir choir choir
well i'd rather shoot up a syringe filled with fire fire fire
and get them back with songs so vacant loud and tired tired tired

what's the sound of a hijacked train
what's the sound of why can't we be friends
spirits cover him in empty tanks
for all we hear of them they have no face

set fire to the drums on fire!
set fire to the lives on fire!
set fire to the house on fire!
set fire to the face on fire!

Written by: Cody Votolato, John Whitney, Jordan Blilie, Mark Sunil Gajadhar, Morgan Henderson

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