Macabre Serial Killer Lyrics

Grim Reality Track Listing
12" Vinyl 1
  • 1 Serial Killer
  • 2 Mr. Albert Fish (Was Children You Favorite Dish?)
  • 3 Disease
  • 4 Mass Murder (Sulfuric Acid: Morbid Curiosity: Lethal Injection)
  • 5 Son of Sam
  • 6 Hot Rods to Hell
  • 7 Ed Gein
  • 8 Natural Disaster
  • I'll thrill you, I'll kill you, cut your heart out
    Then I'll dismember your body parts
    I'll break in your house late at night
    My smiling face is your final sight
    I'll cut your throat with a razor blade
    And leave you to rot in a shallow grave
    I'll pound your face against the fucking street
    You'll love my work, it'll be complete
    I'll strip you and rip you, your death is my game
    I love my work and I have no shame
    I'll pick you up when you're hitchhiking
    Then you'll never be seen again
    I'll cave your head in, your face I'll distort
    Then you'll end up as a "missing" report
    I'll smash your skull with a two-by-four
    Till your brains are on the floor

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