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Mood Muzik 3: The Album Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Dear Diary
  • 2 Hiatus
  • 3 Family Reunion
  • 4 Get No Younger
  • 5 Un4given
  • 6 All of Me
  • 7 Long Way to Go
  • 8 Thou Shall Not Fall
  • 9 Ventilation
  • 10 Warfare
  • 11 Roll Call
  • 12 Secrets
  • 13 Send Him Our Love
  • 14 Star Inside Me
  • 15 Still in My Hood
  • 16 4 Walls
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    Title_Send him our love ( stack bundles tribute )

    ( Intro_ stack bundles )


    If you listen to this its evident you trying to figure out if im dude /
    Or maybe somebody told you im that dude /
    Or maybe you one of the few that dissagree with me
    And got your own views about whos really that dude /
    The south movement got ten months left /
    And come valentines day the game will merge to the west /
    And i feel its absurd that the east is the selling the less /
    Screaming new york new york the pioneers is suppose to be the best /
    You blaming all the vets on the current state of the game
    They wont retire so the generation just remain the same /
    A bunch of oppurtunist that was giving oppurtunity
    Too make a difference in music but gave no oppurtunity /
    Nothing new or fresh just the same ass sound /
    Same ol' producers with the same ass sound /
    Up and coming artist's got identity crisis /
    Cuz whenever you you the labels turn you away /
    But when you me you think of a way /
    To cast the criticisim aside get on a track say what the fuck you wanna say /
    The radios gonna play whatever the listeners say it should /
    And i want the listeners say they should indeeed they should /
    Indeed i should smack a few niggas like suge /
    But then they'll black mall me /
    And the thats a long story no crossover so i wrote the crossover /
    But if the album sellout i'd be considered a sellout /
    The fans keep asking whens the album gonna come out /
    Ask your local execs im out! /

    ( Pre chourus_sample )

    ( Verse )


    What up ray was speechless i aint no what too say /
    Got the call like at 8 am with nate saying /
    You had passed away im like why niggas stay playing /
    Your myspace page playing i started my day aching /
    It hit me like a tumor felt like it was too soon to /
    Thought it was a rumor untill it wasn't a rumor /
    Cant beleave that its over /
    But if god called you i aint even mad at him he must have needed a soldier /
    I was like your mentor you was like my friend NAH /
    When i seen you i would treat you like my kin and more /
    We use to scream fuck thease niggas like tim dogg /
    You was the only rap nigga i would fend for /
    Was phiening for beats stuck between a dream and the streets /
    You just wanted to be seen as elite /
    Cuz you loved far rock like i jersey so i feel ya /
    But love something too much guaranteed it will kill ya for realer /

    ( Hook_Talking )
    Nah i mean.....
    I remember we was in the studio doin.. doin you know what will happend
    It was me you and core.. You told me to keep my verses 16
    But you know i cant do that i went ahead and gave them mad bars you was mad as fuck!
    You went and tried to strech your shit but i wasn't havng it though nigga

    ( Verse )

    Rian squad keep your head up /
    Remeber we would diss each other on tracks laugh about it when we met up /
    Im looking in your casket praying a nigga get up /
    For a minute i couldn't help too think that you was set up /
    No matter who you are you gotta answer when the lord calling /
    I told you go and fuck with jimmy thats before ballin' /
    Go get your cash right hard to slow down livin the fast life
    I just heard you on flex show last night /
    Like was it old beef or was you getting stuck up /
    A line outside your funeral ran was really fucked up /
    And i was too but the difference is
    I was mourned all at the ignorant value of life that living gets /
    Pulled the burner on you but you fought that dude /
    I read the paper it said the pigs caught that dude /
    Its sad another black man taking by a black hand /
    Wish your last night in the club we could have saved your last dance /
    God damn!!!!!!!!

    ( Hook_Talking )

    I remember like...... I remember we was in cancun
    That was my first time out there in cancun
    Me and you was rolling together you talking about where the bitches at
    Like nigga i dunno your pose' to be the georgeous gangsta
    Dont ask me nothing i dont speak no spanish
    I love you nigga!!!

    ( Verse )

    I know the kids really need you /
    I keep telling em' pac wanted to sign biggie wanted to see you /
    Pun wanted to cypher L' wanted you to bring some of that good cush up and get a little higher /
    Go and help jam master j get the crowd a little hyper /
    Or maybe freaky tah switched up and needed a ryder /
    Maybe allyah single up there and needs a ryder /
    i know you and rick james would set the studio on fire /
    You in a better place up there at the pearly gates /
    You can be the georgeous gangsta and niggas wont hate /
    Some niggas tapped the bottle poured out a little hennesey /
    Im in the clouds screaming squad up in your memory /

    ( Hook_Talking )
    I remember you called me that day i think you was in far rock
    You had some bitch in your car and your car broke down
    And you called me talking about do i got triple a and shit
    Im like nah but atleast hat answer your question
    And you like what question ??
    Im like well i just heard a song of yours
    Talking about you wanted to know why she wont stay with you
    And she wanna go ride with a G'
    I love you nigga!!!!!!!!!

    Lyrics © OBO APRA/AMCOS

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