Manic Street Preachers Send Away the Tigers Lyrics

There's no hope in the colonies
So catch yourself a lifeline
Things have gone wrong too many times
So catch yourself a slow boat to China

Fixing some holes from the tigers claws
All your tears will be trembling
Stick those teeth into my back
Seasonal beasts keep them at bay

Can't something go right
Little things change people's lives
Hostile words won't fill your eyes
Same noise left too destroy

Loathsome smile head full of forever's
Will tomorrow bring some perfection
The zoos been overrun in Baghdad
Tiger's claws still in my back

So send away the tigers
Because we're lonely and we're desperate
So send away the tigers
Because they're creeping up and dangerous

I've got problems I've got too many of them
Throw away your yesterdays I did it all for you
Blank horizons and hotels rooms
Cheap Whiskey and god-awful truths
Look at me I'm honest and I'm free
I was born to underachieve

[Chorus x2]

Written by: James Bradfield, James Dean Bradfield, Nicholas Jones, Nicholas Allen Jones, Sean Moore
Lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC

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