The City on Film Secret Santa Cruz Lyrics

I'd Rather Be Wine Drunk Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 I'd Rather Be Wine Drunk (acoustic)
  • 2 How a Helicopter Sounds (acoustic)
  • 3 Give Me Good News
  • 4 Picture Perfect Fiction
  • 5 All the Wrong Notes (acoustic)
  • 6 Secret Santa Cruz
  • Cash advances and jenny's back on campus
    I can't believe that it's september
    Said jenny what's the story, all the chicks in her sorority
    Asked her how she spent the summer
    Said i interned at some law firm, i got a little sunburned
    I saw some raver kid get murdered
    I met a guy, and this guy i met he got me high
    And the drum and bass sounds a lot like rollin' thunder
    And the blue looks beautiful as it tops off the torch
    You don't have to go inside to buy, you can buy it off the porch

    Twenty-seven lovers in the back half of the summer
    I know you think that's way too many
    But the x makes me feel sexy and the sex makes me feel empty
    The alcohol destroys me
    And i did it in a disco with some guy from san francisco
    Who looked a lot like roger daltry
    And the night of all that bloodshed i was kissin' on some crackhead
    Who said he knew about a party, he keeps it in his mouth between those chipmunk cheeks
    I gave him fifty and he kissed me, spit a little treat between my teeth
    I think we're starting to peak

    Woke up at some hedonistic rodeo
    With cowboys kissing cowboys, trading magazines for videos
    God bless the radio, all that fine fine music without all the messed up musicians
    And dwight's a magician, he gets sensible people makin' terrible decisions

    Her name was sally but they all called her sal mineo
    She was lit up like an arson but she burned out like arsenio
    Her name was sandy but they all called her san antonio
    She can't remember where she slept last night but she won't forget the alamo
    Sandy, don't forget our alibi

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