Melissa Etheridge Secret Agent Lyrics

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Smooth as cream she's every young boys' dream
She's like a hot roller coaster on a video screen
She's off the hook
Take a look
Let your imagination cook
She don't play by the rules
She don't go by the book

All the boys want to know if she's got something to hide
All the girls are relieved she working for the other side
She's a sinner a saint
She'll run it cool and hot
She's a secret agent
You can believe it or not

Killer eyes and homicidal sighs
You can't resist it to be twisted in her suicidal thighs
Confessional lips
Professional fingertips
It's a deception to perfection
Her exceptional hips

Her disguise is specialized
And her code is confidential
It's her modus operandi
She's a threat makes them sweat
As she drags her cigarette
Man what you see
Ain't always what you get

She make a grown man cry
She make a woman try
She make you want to believe
Then she will leave you high and dry
You got nowhere to run
Got her phasers on stun
With her toys like the boys she is second to none

Written by: Jon Craig Taylor, Melissa L Etherridge

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