Mario Casalini Seattle Super Chronics Lyrics

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(Verse 1)
Tub up in my face
Makes me feel not so retarded
Swisher sweet back and forth
From the shoulder martin
When the bitches comes I got some money, ye
Don't be liars for me
Now let's fuck 'em all
'Cause I can't afford the line snorting
Things just gotten out of hands
Tell me why must I live my life this way
Bring the stress, take a hike
'Cause we do what we like
It's the sunshine fab

(Verse 2)
Everybody within wanna fuck with us
But I don't think those busters will succeed
SASSLIN I the boy that they cannot see
M to the A to the RIO
Really did up and not giving a O
If you chillin then we can roll
And if you start drippin you have to go

(Verse 3)
See I'm outta here with the space
Needle syringe,
Talk to B , John this month west do
He spokes crip
But we sieged every inch
On the tractor we took
Ye fresh out off the school
The boomers backing me up
Ayo don't wait the ballons
That's still just opium doom
The Afgani abused, substance the streets hold to you
And you abused with a new passion the magic is blue
Frank Lucas is foreign for us I pass it to you

(Verse 4)
Check the beat flow with it
The henny slow sipping
Only OG swishers old favorite touch my kush kid
I'm on a mission, for cars parked benches
With the fucking tripping view, for me to blow my cushion
Tryin to get my blunt lit , rollin with some rich kids
For boxing out the vends so please don't let the breeze in
Hoe let me in so I can hit it like sin
I ain't gonna lie, I love pie
Lungs like cougar but my eyes stay blood shut
Do alot of shit just so I can tell you I told you so
Young college kid but he the homie though
Never been the type to just give up on my dreams
And one day I will give up on the weed
But for now J Cole I need a light please
Always on some dumb shit my crew rolling higher than the blunt is

(Verse 5)
Come on guys I just like the flow
But all my verses hit hard call them Jojo Mars yo
Listening to ill beats fat bass
Tryin to get my rhyme straight but I'm too baked for this mind state
Let me take a break like I'm running up a hill
Aww the hill, where I made my first bill
No allowance so I had to snatch and steal
That's the real, yee
Right I rhyme for your mind all the time it's so fun
In seattle if you see the sun come kick with me
Put some weed in your lungs ask Breeze and Little Steve
How it gets done, that's it son
Yeeee bitch!

(Verse 6)
Ayo my mind fly fast through a space ship zipper
That's why I need an L just to chase this liquor
Sky get high excuse me while I doobie you
Myself every day so real, no movie
Or youtubing, real cutie share bootie
We are who we are becoming but what are we to be
Greatest joy in this earth it's just a privilege to breathe
Fry chicken to eat, fry fish in the sea
Beautiful pills, thinking we're the vision to see
Politician listen I ain't need permission to speak
I'm vicious in the street, in your face permission to speak
I shit the machine died marty switch at the beat

(Verse 7)
Money May weather, sunny day sweater
Get grade A gooda a cheddar fresher ye nigga
I'm something you never understood before
Beyond one , shit I could be 4
Any 2 can draw , hype smoke and pot
Puff puff to the dome hit the like scotch
Don't get it twisted nigga
DK spits symbols on seaman
Down the tale of lost MC's soldiers in a war waged on dead
Why I keep the fists raised
On my shit, passed the torch to
MC I'm on my course too
Eat a full course meal
Don't see for real
Sincerely it's me bitches

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