Oi Polloi Scum Lyrics

And bring you nothing but misery and pain
Teenage adicts dying - that's hardly very funny
But the dealers are laughing as they pocket the money


They'll screw up your body and they'll screw up your mind
But as long as they're making money they think that's fine
They just don't care as long as they gain
Folk dying of the aids outrage well that's just part of their game

There ain't nothing that they won't do
They want to make a junkie out of you
So when the dealers come your way
You've got to make them pay

Find the scum, bring them down
Run the dealers out of your town

Smack the pushers - Oi! Oi! Oi!
Smack the pushers - Get them boys!

Outraged by the System Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Resist the Atomic Menace
  • 2 Death by Night
  • 3 Outrage
  • 4 Thugs in Uniform
  • 5 Leaders
  • 6 Minority Authority
  • 7 Go Green
  • 8 Scum
  • 9 They Shoot Children
  • 10 The Only Release
  • 11 Foundations for a Future
  • 12 No Filthy Nuclear Power
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