WarHorse Scrape Lyrics

As Heaven Turns to Ash... Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Dusk
  • 2 Doom's Bride
  • 3 Black Acid Prophecy
  • 4 Amber Vial
  • 5 Every Flower Dies No Matter The Thorns (Wither)
  • 6 Lysergic Communion
  • 7 Dawn
  • 8 Scrape
  • 9 ...And the Angels Begin to Weep...
  • From the inside
    Until this shell is empty
    The stench of failure is cleansed with hate


    Have nothing
    Need nothing
    Am nothing but scars

    Lost and forgotten pile of shit
    Glaring up from the bottom
    Feed hunger, consume it whole
    Scribble disdain with blood upon the wall

    Vomit belief, struggle to suffer
    Leave me alone, I'm at one with grief
    Save your pity for someone who needs it
    Purged of the will to live
    I'm better now

    Have nothing
    Need nothing
    Have nothing but scars

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