Nightrage Scathing Lyrics

A New Disease Is Born Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Spiral
  • 2 Reconcile
  • 3 Death-Like Silence
  • 4 A Condemned Club
  • 5 Scars
  • 6 De-Fame
  • 7 Scathing
  • 8 Surge of Pity
  • 9 Encircle
  • 10 Drone
  • 11 Spiritual Impulse
  • 12 A New Disease Is Born
  • 13 Ostentatious
  • When the truth is revealed, when emotions are
    Frozen, a sky suffused with darkness.
    Eyes swimming in tears, a deadly sense of reality.

    The restless cycle of life.
    Returning from an empty past.
    All that I lived through passions and views bury
    The hatchet, it there any true (meaning on this life?)

    Falsification of the human touch, waves breaking
    with a roar. Falsification of the human touch,
    sickly pallor, formless mass. His scathing character.

    Walking by this dark river rising up from the
    Dirty lies. All that I have lived, everything that I
    Care, you become stronger with positive thoughts.

    Fulfilling the dream
    His life was embittered
    Is there any true meaning on this life?
    Fulfilling the dream
    This empty reality
    (His life was embittered) By his actions.
    A so-called friend.

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