Whitney Houston Scary House Lyrics

I thought we need this (truly I did)
Thought we had all under control
With the children we had under control
Keep on thinkin how we got to this point
Cause we were so controlling
Cauuse we don't know to acted did you know
How it hurt to be in someone
Scary house

Verse 1
Left the number on the back
If I missin you
So you were my bad luck
We need turn this around
Now days you were missin
You can't come back
So our luck were bad
We need turn this around
How you talk about me so bad
How your luck has run out
How we got this house with no love
Fill with hate
All memory went bad
See we have a lot to talk
Why you did this
How we get this scary house
See we belong to each other

Verse 2
How can I make without it without you
You always been there from the start
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