Kathleen Edwards Scared at Night Lyrics

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As a child I would wake at night
I was scared but I kept real quiet
Shadows on the walls moving in on me...
And underneath my sheets I could barely breathe
And your room was only just across the hall
All it would have taken was a single call
But maybe sometimes we've got to trust ourselves not to scream out loud, and run like hell...

Believe me, all our days here are unsure
Believe in me, I don't want to anymore
And in the dark, picture me in your mind
And I'll lay with you
You don't have to be scared at night

As a young man you were shooting rats
By accident you hit the farmyard cat
He ran for the fields and came back the next day
You'd blown out his eye and you could see his brain
That's it boy, there is some things in life, you don't want to do, but you know is right
So take him out back and finish him off
Got your gun off the shelf, it only took one shot


And I flew away and I paid on your final day
They said that you waited 'til I came
We sang your favorite hymns and we held your hand
You took your final breath and that was that
But I'd never seen a person die before
I tried so hard not to cry and all...
'Cause maybe sometimes we've got to trust ourselves, that when you die you go some place else


You don't have to be scared at night
You don't have to be scared at night

Written by: Kathleen Margaret Edwards

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