Gary Numan Scanner Lyrics

Jagged Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Pressure
  • 2 Fold
  • 3 Halo
  • 4 Slave
  • 5 In a Dark Place
  • 6 Haunted
  • 7 Blind
  • 8 Before You Hate It
  • 9 Melt
  • 10 Scanner
  • 11 Jagged
  • I would take your place
    If your world fell down
    I would take your pain
    And leave a smile
    For you

    If you feel a kiss
    When your dreams are dark
    And a voice guides you home
    When you are lost
    That was me

    Sometimes love breaks my heart [Repeat: x1]

    I will keep you warm
    And I'll wipe your tears away
    I'm a shadow
    Watching over you
    All my life

    I would die for you
    I would give the world to you
    And I'd sell my soul to keep you safe
    I love you

    Sometimes love breaks my heart [Repeat: x1]

    And when God comes for me
    I won't go far
    Like a smile in your heart
    I won't be far away

    If you're afraid and need to find me
    I'll be here with you
    And when you dream and hear me calling
    You'll see me again

    Sometimes love breaks my heart [Repeat: x1]

    Written by: Gary Anthony Webb, Gary Anthony James Webb
    Lyrics © Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd.

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