Sara Evans Saying Goodbye Lyrics

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The hardest thing I had to do
Is when I had to find the words to say goodbye to you
I just don’t think you understand
That I’m not the girl that you once knew
On the day we said I do and I’ll never be again
The way that I was back then

So as we go our separate ways
And we live our lives alone
I’ll remember the early days
And I’ll try to carry on
And please take what I have given you
And maybe it will see you through
The lonely nights
Everything will be alright
A time will come when I will be
No more than just a memory
In your mind
I promise it will come in time
It will come in time

I can’t say what was the reason dear
But I just don’t see a way that I can stay here
I pray that you will understand
Now I’m not saying that the love is gone
But its not the kind of love we were counting on
To build out lives upon

Repeat Chorus
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