J.K Say Lyrics

Keith [Verse]

Imagine born in a place, where you get beat up to you can't feel your face
All you got it hope all you, grace.
When you got a government kill its own race.
Lord I'm grateful for we are alive, my family and I.
You helped us survive
The struggle the hunger, we just strived
June 09/06 is the day we arrived
Now I'm in area now I'm in america.
Now I'm on the mic and in ready for the camera
Lights camera action gotta passion for rapping
African boy you could tell by the accent.
I don't need a studio I rap it in my room
The sky ain't the limit cause im aming for the moon
J to the K we coming out soon cause we working all hard, man we hotter than june.
And this is my sweat, my tears my blood
I do overflow when I speak I flood
I hope you understand I was raised in the mud
And this is my story ain't a life off a thug
I'm never looking back cause the future much brighter
Ive through it all man, I'mma soul survivor
Lord knows I rose like the Pied Piper
Hip Hop won't fade cause I'm holding up my lighter.

Hook: [Lauryn Hill]
They got so much things to say right now
They got so much things to say [x2]

James [Verse]

Close your eyes and imagine.
A little boy rapping, everybody is clapping.
A face full of joy, and the toe
Keeps tapping, its magic.
In a city filled with tragic, pathetic!
Boom with the talent, lived trapped in the Valley.
Glazed at the mountains, and rapped in the alleys.
Ballet to the pad and he waited for his dad.
Visa in his hand soon he left his homeland.
Abhinaya is the name and I'm boosting up the lane.
Hip hop needs a lift and we could be the crane.
They frown, and grin, and hate within, but...
Does it really matter about the color of my skin???
Got the fighter's ambition, the sun is the mission.
Grind all day so I'm hot with the friction.
Shot from the riffle.
Haters need a NyQuil.
Still got my eyes on the money like geico.

Hook: [Lauryn Hill]
They got so much things to say right now
They got so much things to say [x2]

Thanks to Kilimanjalu

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