Public Enemy Say It Like It Really Is Lyrics

The Evil Empire of Everything Track Listing
Digital Media 1
  • 1 The Evil Empire of…
  • 2 Don’t Give Up the Fight
  • 3 1 (PEace)
  • 4 2 (resPEct)
  • 5 Beyond Trayvon
  • 6 … Everything
  • 7 31 Flavors
  • 8 Riotstarted
  • 9 Notice (Know This)
  • 10 Icebreaker
  • 11 Fame
  • 12 Broke Diva
  • 13 Say It Like It Really Is
  • Get up
    Back atcha
    Gettin it on
    Still wide awake
    6 in the mornin
    Still comin atcha
    Till the breaka dawn
    This revolution goes on and on
    Stop that
    Do we still rap?
    Do yall still scream?
    Yall still clap?
    Who dat
    Gonna tell yall we too old
    But we still bold
    And I got soul
    Its my birthday
    And I'm fitty years...
    Quiet as kept
    All them vjs and djs be old
    Their jobs sell the young
    Don't tell em what needs to be told
    When they made pe
    They broke the mold
    Didn't quit nothin
    Just hit the road
    I just got back from soweto
    You only know half of whatcha say you know
    I know this records too hot for the radio
    Did yall hear what I said if you did
    Lets go

    Knock knock
    We still here still doing our thing
    Public enemy
    Doing the right thing
    We ain't just say any ol thing
    Just to get material things
    I ain't sayin we ain't bought anything
    Stuck with the rapping
    Never tried to sing.
    Bring the noise raise the roof
    They afraid of the youth
    Lookout, duckdown
    (cant handle the truth)
    Now the club ain't no church
    The church ain't no club
    Check them djs mixin up
    Murder and love
    Who shoulders the burdn
    Of all that murderin
    The people
    Love spelled backwards is evol
    What the hell
    The people get pain
    Dumbed from
    Another marketing campaign
    Its my birthday
    We still killin the stage
    I don't give a damn about poppin champaign
    Say what yall wanna say about
    Revolution I'm a say what I'm saying

    Rather be stuck up than stuck down
    Heres the difference
    I picks up the black and brown
    Against mr man informants and government
    While real people starve and cant pay their rent
    They you seriously don't mean what you meant
    I ain't tricked deceived paid off inagreement
    Somebody planned it
    Glad yall understand it
    Those that don't
    Headharded like granite
    We look out for them too
    And don't take em for granted
    Like said
    Somebody planned it.
    If I see one more person
    Gonna ask me
    Yall still making music
    Where I begin
    Now yall know you don't buy no records no more
    No tapes, no cds, no record store
    Got download zones and ringtones
    But yo mama and them cant work them cell phones
    But the revolution goes on and on
    Still wide awake at 6 in the morning
    Had to get it out
    To the break of dawn
    We still sayin what we sayin
    And not playin

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