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E-40 & Too $hort feat. Wiz Khalifa Lyrics

All in favor of giving ripped and gone
And you're gonna have to call someone to drive you home
Say I I I I I I I
All in favor of getting super high
You might start to feel like a bird that can fly
Say I I I I I I I

Brought me in and watch me go, bad on a hoe *** *****
Don't give me no more I'm on my second fifth of liquor
Once I'm power up it's hard for me to power down
I **** a ***** up, and put tears on em like a clown
I went from rags to riches, riches to rags,
Top convertibles, Benzs and Jags
Smoking me herbal, sipping me wine,
Or should I say turbo 'cause it's green and it's lime
Ever since he was infant he was raised around pimps
When he took his first step, he walked with a limp
Man this ***** hard headed damn fool
His teacher sucked his **** in high school
Supercalifragilistic ex be ala hooligan
Breakin down the diesel mixing cookies with the headband
Went to jail on a Friday, didn't get out till Tuesday
Got a DUI for drinking too much lou, *****


I. Got a DUI, why? I didn't even have to drive
Now, I'm in jail for a crime, made bail and I paid the fine
My lawyer charged me high *** prices,
DNV, bout to take my license
Insurance, is going up, and when I go to court I know I'm ****ed
All this ****, just for drinking
Need a designated driver, I'm to drunk for thinking
Two hands on the steering wheel
Don't let a friend drink and drive if you being real
Might crash the whip, might lose your life
If I get too high tonight just make sure
I making home safe and you do the same
Now let's get ****ed up and lose it man, *****


Roll the paper so loud I wake up the neighbors
The boss I don't need no favor
You ***** so **** a hater *****
Now that my cake up, my crib got an elevator,
My new shoes is alligator
And ever meal got a waiter with it
And I'm all about pour drank up
While I'm rolling the stank up
Sweat my wife out her make up,
Blow a pound when I wake up,
See the cars they don't wanna race us
I do it big *****s do it A Cup
Walk up in the club then gonna bring some champagne
I'm a blow a lot of drugs, I put money on it,
Spendin all this bank let a **** ***** hate
Real ***** show love sound funny don't it
All this money think I lucked up,
All this Gin got me ****ed up
Man I live life the Taylor way
Drinking Bombay and lemonade, rolling up some paper planes.


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