John Legend Satisfaction Lyrics

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I wonder, wonder wonder
Why your eyes they wonder?
I wonder, wonder wonder
About the spell that you are under
Tell me its some hocus pocus
Made to lose your focus
I wonder why the cold kiss and you think I wouldn't notice

You don't love me like you say you do
You don't want me the way that I want you
You don't love me like you say you do (you do) you do

[Chorus: x2]
Can I get me some satisfaction [Repeat: x3]
That's all I'm asking you, you, of you
Give me the magic pass, that's all I ask of you

I wonder if it's over, middle of October
I don't know why in autumn, she keeps giving a cold shoulder
She knows how much I love her don't know what I could have told her
I wonder why she makes me think I didn't even know her


Why don't you give me (give me give me give me give me your love)
Give me your love (give me give me give me your love
Is that too much to ask you can I
Get some satisfaction from you


[Chorus: Repeats]

Written by: John Stephens, Will Adams, Christine Tiegen

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