Tabi Bonney Sandwiches & Perspectives (Interlude) Lyrics

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Oh let’s say I tell you to go into the kitchen and make me a sandwich. Now you want to make a sandwich that’s delectable to your taste buds but it doesn’t mean they’ll be delectable to mine. And that’s what perspective is, isn’t it? It’s two different interpretations of one word. So when you hear a woman say she wants a good man you assume that your definition of good is the same as her definition of good but it’s not so, mate. So let’s say you’ve got a girl that you love, you’ve got a crush on, just a diar yearning for ‘er. You’d punch a baby seein’ in the face just for a chance to talk to this girl but she’s a bit out of your range. You’d like to get some things together for yourself first. But then you hear she’s more of a bloke and it makes a little insecure about.. you know, what kind of bloke must it take to get next to a girl like that? So you start inventin’ this mystery man in your head. You figure fuck all, he must be 7 feet tall with a smile like sunshine and probly knows Barack Obama personally. He’s got his number in his phone under Barack the bells. You know? You invent this guy but then you see them out together and he’s Lebron Lames. He’s nothing that you thought he might be. Nothing. Why? Because she’s got a different definition of good than you. He’s the kind of guy that goes in plays a game of pickup basketball with the Bluetooth device in his ear. You know? He keeps his wallet in his front pocket. You know? This bloke, you know? He’s the guy that’s cashing his check and then sprinkling 20’s on his bed and taking pictures than posts it on Facebook. It’s a different interpretation. It’s all perspective.

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