Handsome Devil Samurai Lyrics

Love and Kisses from the Underground Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Tie Me Up
  • 2 Makin' Money
  • 3 Everything
  • 4 Tonight
  • 5 Samurai
  • 6 Back Into Action
  • 7 Sorry Charlie
  • 8 I Fall Down
  • 9 Hard Living Clean
  • 10 Barbecue
  • 11 Bring It On
  • I did some time in Tokyo In a dojo
    Learned Karate and Kung Fu
    And Judo because you know

    I'm a f**kin' Samurai from the Darkside
    Eating fried rice, and I lie
    I'm not Bruce Lee, I'm not Chinese
    I'm on the Trapeze, and I'm free

    In Nagasaki, I'm drinking Saki
    And watching hockey in my jockeys
    And I'm a servant to technology


    In my Nissan, I put the Priest on
    And I head out on the highway to Budokan
    I'm metal basted and domo wasted


    Written by: Danny Walker
    Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

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