Parokya ni Edgar Sampip Lyrics

Buruguduystunstugudunstuy Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 G.L.I.
  • 2 Intro Ni Mr. Lambert
  • 3 High
  • 4 Alimango
  • 5 Sayang
  • 6 Okatokat
  • 7 It's a Bird
  • 8 Please Don't Touch My Birdie
  • 9 Public Service #1
  • 10 Batangas Coffee
  • 11 Sampip
  • 12 Atras-Abante
  • 13 Silvertoes
  • 14 Public Service #2
  • 15 Buttsins
  • 16 Gudibningpo
  • 17 Harana
  • 18 Pentelpen #8712
  • 19 Magic Spaceship
  • 20 Killer Filler
  • 21 Sampip (Solo)
  • Some people love shoes of certain kinds
    Some people love afternoons or the way the moon shines
    And they have their reasons to feel the way they do
    That's why i asked myself what it is with you
    *Is there something wrong with the way i speak
    Do you even see me when i pass you on the street
    I close my eyes and let it be
    Because I just can't see
    Why you love to hate me
    Some people love weekends because they can fool around
    Some people love thunderstorms because of how the drops
    of rain fall down
    And they have their own reasons
    Whatever they may be
    That's why i think it's kinda funny that you don't have one for me
    repeat chorus
    And it sucks to face the truth that i ain't got no reasons too
    Whenever asked the simple question why i feel the way i do
    And i know it's stupid on my part to say that i love you
    Even though i know you hate me
    And you don't know why you do..
    repeat chorus

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