Farmakon Same Lyrics

A Warm Glimpse Track Listing
  • 1 Loosely of Amoebas
  • 2 My Sanctuary in Solitude
  • 3 Mist
  • 4 Stretching Into Me
  • 5 Same
  • 6 Flowgrasp
  • 7 Flavoured Numerology
  • 8 Pearl of My Suffering
  • 9 Wallgarden
  • But I'm still the same deeper down
    Under the surface nothing has changed
    You can still recognize me

    My body is torn
    into the thing that bit me
    It has scarred my skin
    but hasn't touched my soul

    I may seem different
    but I am the same
    I may seem strange to you
    But I know who I am
    I am still the same
    They tried but failed to strangle my soul
    I am not drowning

    My voice remains the same
    My will, my hope, my love
    No one has taken them away
    No one has had a chance

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