Paul Colman Trio (PC3) Same Mistakes Lyrics

Waiting on a white cloud
Looking for an easy ride
A valley with no pain
Don't seek but let me hide
You say it's over now so don't try
To take me back there again
I found a new way to fly
A new love by my side

We're compatible she's so sweet
She swept me right off my feet

But are you making the same mistakes?
With somebody new?

It's funny how the first time
You want to ask all your friends
Do you really think it's time?

Do you hear the wedding bells?
But when it all falls apart
You say you want to be alone
And anyone who disagrees
Is stopping you from moving on

Baby I know you want to run from the pain
You say he's never gonna hurt me again

I have no condemnation for you
My precious child there's tears here for you
Is there a restoration spirit?
'Cause I'd love to see you smile again

So don't go making the same mistakes
With somebody new

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