Sammy Kershaw Saltwater Cowboy Lyrics

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I'm looking like a lobster wearing flip-flops and a Stetson
Guess that's why they call it fishing instead of catching
'Cause I ain't had a single bite all day
But I caught a buzz and there ain't no limit on tang ray

Ain't quite sure how I wound up way down here
It's a long haul to ropes and sails from roping steers
Ain't gonna worry about that, just gonna have some fun
Gotta be one fish down there dumber than I am drunk

It ain't that far from Waco to Galveston
I'm what you get when you mix a Prairie dog and an old beach bum
Cow chips, B-S and ships ahoy
I'm a saltwater cowboy

There's a tiki party down the beach about a mile or so
Where they're singing with Jimmy and toasting to Chris LeDoux
And if it weren't for Captain Morgan steering this ship
I might untie that rope and back her on up outta this


If this bottle goes overboard, you'd better wish me luck
Well I'm afraid of sharks, but I'm terrified of sobering up


I'm a saltwater cowboy

Written by: Cyril Rawson, Phil Ou0027donnell, Ronald Steven Harbin

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