Mötley Crüe Saints of Los Angeles Lyrics

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[Verse 1]
Tonight, there's going to be a fight
So if you need a place to go
Got two room slum, a mattress and a gun
And the cops don't never show
So come right in because everybody sins
Welcome to the scene of the crime
You want it? Believe it? We got it if you need it
The devil is a friend of mine
If you think its crazy, you haven't seen a thing
Just wait until we're going down in flames

We are, we are the saints, we signed our life away
Doesn't matter what you think, were gonna do it anyway
We are, we are the saints, one day you will confess
And pray to the saints of Los Angeles

[Verse 2]
Red line tripping on a land mine, sipping at the Troubadour
Girls passed out naked in the back lounge, everybody's going to score
Shes all jacked up, shes down on her luck
You want it, you need it, the devils gonna feed it
Don't you say, its crazy, you don't know a thing
Just wait until were going down in flames


Give it up, give it up[x4]


Written by: Darren Jay Ashba, Martin H Frederiksen, Michael James, Nikki Sixx
Lyrics © Warner/Chappell Music, Inc.

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