Garfunkel and Oates Sad Montage Lyrics

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Sad montage
Sad montage
Yeah this is a sad montage because I feel so sad
Looking out the window feeling sad
Looking in the mirror what have I become?
Walking down the street still feeling sad
Look at all those other people having fun
In this sad montage
Sad montage
This is still a sad montage because I feel so sad
Dead puppies
Sad kid dropped his iPhone
Jerry Orbach making me feel so sad
I feel even sadder than I did before
Sadder than when this montage started
Native American history
Other people finding true love
Wishing I could write a show like "Girls"
Making me feel so sad
Sad montage
Getting quieter
Sad montage
Fading out the sad montage
Can barely hear the sad montage
Sad montage

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