Lagwagon Sad Astronaut Lyrics

Resolve Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Heartbreaking Music
  • 2 Automatic
  • 3 Resolve
  • 4 Virus
  • 5 Runs in the Family
  • 6 The Contortionist
  • 7 Sad Astronaut
  • 8 Rager
  • 9 The Worst
  • 10 Creepy
  • 11 Infectious
  • 12 Days of New / [untitled]
  • As you sat on the bed
    Moments from your end
    Inconceivable dread
    Inches from your head
    I can’t bear to imagine you
    In that horror scene
    One too sad to be
    In my mind's eye I am there
    Embracing you so scared
    Now you kill me too
    You killed me too

    Decidedly willing to lie for you
    Absolutely willing to cry for you
    Ill at ease in saying goodbye to you
    A part of me will never know

    I am there, again, intervals of red
    An accomplice to
    Things I couldn't do
    In a fable disabled

    I say words like foolish son
    God what have you done
    I'm a thin blue cliché, hopelessly
    I'm a mouthful of doubtful

    Decidedly willing to lie for you
    Say again
    Willing to cry for you
    Finally saying goodbye to you
    A part of you I'll never know

    Looking through the spyglass in a punctured sky
    While your garden died
    You couldn't see the sky for your fallen stars
    Endless in your arms
    You were still alive even as the sad astronaut Lyrics © OBO APRA/AMCOS

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