Prussian Blue Sacrifice Lyrics

He fought so strong for our race.
We're finally back in our place.
It took his life, my dear son,
And now it's over the war is won.
Our Race was saved because the lives that were sacrificed
Those men that died

Sacrifice, they gave their lives.
All those men who have died.
Sacrifice, they gave their lives,
All those men who have died.

Warrior poet, I sing his songs.
Ian Stuart, with his voice so strong.
Remember his words, as we sing along.

Rudolph Hess, man of Peace.
He wouldn't give up and he wouldn't cease,
To give his loyalty to our cause.
Remember him and give a pause.

Robert Matthews knew the truth.
He knew what he had to do.
He set an example with courage so bold.
We'll never let that fire grow cold.

Dr Pierce, a man so wise,
Helped so many of us open our eyes,
And see the future for what it could be:
A future for our Race's eternity.

Written by: Danny Marquez, David Bowers, Doug Moore, Sean Garden, Steve Faulkner, Tracy Thorstad

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