Flipper Sacrifice Lyrics

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Can't you hear the war cry?
It's time to enlist
The people speak as one
The cattle, the crowd
Those too afraid to live
Demand a sacrifice
A sacrifice

Cant you smell their stinking breath
Listen to them
Wheezing and gasping and
Chanting their slogans
The grave diggers song
Demand a sacrifice
A sacrifice

Can't you smeel the fresh blood
Steaming into the soil
As our patriots
Fathers and mothers and lovers
Admire the military style
Praising Gog and the state
Crying tears of pride
For the sons and lovers
For all the fools slaughteres
For the maimed, the dying
And the dead
So the nation will live
So the people will remain as cattle
Demand a sacrifice
A sacrifice

Gone Fishin' Track Listing
12" Vinyl 1
  • 1 The Lights, the Sound
  • 2 First the Heart
  • 3 In Life My Friends
  • 4 Survivors of the Plague
  • 5 Sacrifice
  • 6 Talk's Cheap
  • 7 You Nought Me
  • 8 One by One

  • Written by: Bruce Calderwood, Lawrence Falconi, Russell Wilkinson, Stephen Depace

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