SPM SPM vs. Los Lyrics

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I was raised on beans and rice
and if you shot up my crib I wouldn't be surprised
Mama used to trip cuz I fed the mice
I'm the one they sent home cuz my head had lice
I'm the kid that lost my sanity
I'm the kid that had the toys with no batteries
Mama sat me down for some serious talks
On how to keep the rats out the cereal box
I feel you homie n**** I lived that s*** n**** I felt that s***
We never felt so rich those were the good a** days bro
Sure we was broke but we was b-b guns havin' hella fun on natural dough
When you started to smoke that's when you changed
The weed hit the brain and the man thought he came
It was joint, after joint, after joint, after joint
In one month your f*****' brain was destroyed
Now you got children and a beautiful wife
The kinda money that you make n**** you set for life
Enjoy your self man you only live once
Take your family vacation and relax for a month

I'mma smoke 'till I croak n**** f*** bein' broke n****
I need seven bedrooms and my boat n****
Watchin' rats with eighty seven new gats
The penitantary's the only place when I can relax
I want some hoes in they heads they pushin' me to the edge
The only thing I'mma miss is my beautiful kids
I'm just sippin' but thrown I handle s*** on my own
I got a camera for every f*****' inch of my home
It's in my blood to be a drunk and not give a f***
I do a drive-by in my grandmas truck
A G daddy left me at the age of three
Now every South Side crack-head pagin' me
Chill homie cut dad some slack
Sure he left our a** but that was way the f*** back
You all cot up hearin' blastin' on dub
We was only seven when our house got shot up
Mom was all b***** I saw that s***
It was just blast from the mirror it's alright kid
You blessed by God man you can't give up
And run around town not givin' a f***
Yeah of course they jealous and pullin' hoes s***
It's hard to be that mess-kin that came up so quick
You made it look easy but It's just an illusion
You did the impossible and took over Houston
Now everybody thinks they can do like you
Losin' thousands and thousands on a half a** crew
Talkin' down on you but you got nothing to prove
Let 'em run they mouth all the f*** they want to

m**** f*** you n**** stop preachin' n's***
I grab my m**** f*****' glock and start squeezin' my s***
No mercy for the weak b**** so save yo' speech b****
You can't reach I'm too deep in these streets b****
Don't p*** me off I'll put this gat to yo' head
Can't you see these jealous b****** pray for us to be dead,
You gettin' soft now? You must wanna die too
all it takes is one bullet to kill me and you
d*** dawg, you hear that gun shot?
Soundin' like it came from SPM's room! Lets go check it out!

All my people fight da evil
Some sniff paint and some shoot needle
Some take shots with salt and lemon get f***** up and beat they women
All the children need someone to show them they can't be someone
Mad at me cuz I came up, I don't understand what y'all want

Say, Los, check this out, man.

What up, SPM?

Say, let's just smoke and joint, man and try to work this thing out.

Well, we could smoke a joint, I dunno about all that other s***.


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