Gazette SHADOW VI II I (English Version) Lyrics

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The left 'Scar' is vague and confused. It shades off its weakness with 'Red'.
II IX II IX II IX, the 'Scar' is shallowly vague and breathes meaningfully

Under the Sun, the top floor of a building, 'EGO' with only one hand.
The back of a blindfold, it sings - Asking for life-
II IV II IV II IV unstable breathes, the 'Scar' is vague and it ties tomorrow.

To you. Will you smile at me if you are over the pain and everything is healed one day?

NiaP wolS
I have nothing.
It is the way of living with the strong behaving weakness and the scar.
The night when I felt like being smashed,
I hug the shadow, which runs down to you.

I hang a white string.
Good night, can I sleep tonight?
Squeeze with low speed. The 'Scar' feels peacefully with its throat.

Never hold the breath…
And, it keeps believing tomorrow's happiness.

NwoD wolS

The wound will disappear one day.
I will take you to the end of sadness.
You still want 'Red'.
But you must know that you can walk.

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