Slum Village S.O.U.L. Lyrics

Trinity (Past, Present and Future) Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Intro 1
  • 2 Intro 2
  • 3 Insane
  • 4 What Is This
  • 5 Tainted
  • 6 La La
  • 7 All-Ta-Ment
  • 8 Disco
  • 9 Trinity (interlude)
  • 10 One
  • 11 Hoes
  • 12 Star (interlude)
  • 13 Star
  • 14 Slumber
  • 15 Let's
  • 16 S.O.U.L.
  • 17 80's Skit
  • 18 Unisex
  • 19 Love U Hate
  • 20 Get Live
  • 21 Harmony
  • 22 Who Are We (interlude)
  • 23 [silence]
  • 27 Fall in Love
  • [T3]
    There I was sitting there looking, waiting
    Waiting for the chance to get to date you
    I'm saying, I'm sick of games, sick of solos
    Sure need you around when its all those
    Listen, I'm not saying this to offend you
    But since the day I met you I knew I would bend you, over
    Not saying its about that
    Its about us bending like vocals on ill tracks
    Classic, like a novel by Stephen King
    Always resting by the revel where a social reign
    Sex, its the farthest thing from my mind
    I'm thinking how we get together like the starter line
    Fiction, to all the ladies that want it real
    A brief description on how a ***** might feel
    This is, one page out a black book
    This is, how it goes when its all good, sister

    [Chorus: x4]
    And back, forth and forth, back

    Just keep the sun in my storm clouds
    Appreciate you as a man I was born child, young
    Looking for young girls to party with
    Make your body shift, shake up your cartilage, women
    I wasn't satisfied with just one
    I'll rip your valentine and having time adjusting, its hard
    I thought not a soul could change me
    You honor roll, I was down with hoes in grade see, level
    I guess there is roses in the ghetto
    Gotta find them, always meet the dozen not he diamond, coal
    Been supportive now my days shorter
    When they was longer dealing with the side effects were calmer, mistakes
    I tripped over in my early days
    Making the skies over few look a pearly gray, dirty
    Until you came along and laid it on
    I'll stick with you even if my man say its wrong, for real

    [Chorus: x4]

    Since its my last joint I guess I gotta put it down
    For the queens who fiend for the kings who come around
    I want to extend the jewels to the crown
    Behold you are soul that is lost never found
    Still a virgin cause you untouched
    ****ing around with low-life *****s, getting ****ed
    You need a king to put it down right
    I know you want something that's more than just a one night
    Stand tall never fall for the less queen
    Naive *****s with tired *** raps stuck in his dream state
    With his truck and his real estate, fell for the bait
    Not knowing he's trying to change what's sealed in his fate
    Just a mouse looking through a crack
    Of the gates to a soul never coming back
    Cultivators never laid to realize self
    And when its done the queen of queens will complete your wealth

    [Chorus: x4]

    Written by: Jason Powers, Karriem Riggins, R.l. Iii Altman, Titus Printice Glover
    Lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC

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