Tree Running With the Devil Lyrics

Downsizing the American Dream Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Blind Me
  • 2 Truth
  • 3 Same Old Song Remains the Same
  • 4 X- Communicated
  • 5 Running With the Devil
  • 6 Homefront
  • 7 Stands Alone
  • 8 Paper
  • 9 Badge
  • 10 Burnt
  • 11 Deadline
  • 12 Elephant
  • 13 Highway
  • 14 This Land Is Your Land
  • Times in my life I felt I was dying
    Trials in my life I am still surviving
    Like a phoenix rising up from its
    own flames
    I've been resurrected rise in my own name
    I must face the facts,
    acknowledge all I've known
    across the tracks and back
    finally I have grown
    I must face the truth,
    acknowledge all I've seen
    with every fiber of my heart and soul and being
    Content of Character
    constant test of will
    Pass or fail this test
    I will sacrifice
    Help me celebrate
    this precious life
    as the battle rages
    I will carry on
    True to my convictions
    I shall overcome
    Content of Character
    a constant test of my will Lyrics © OBO APRA/AMCOS

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