Rubber Running Away Lyrics

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Thought days a few
You make the most of all
Life goes to you
You're only human
So much to do
We're all a flower that
The rain will never bloom

And all the years will go
they start running away

From you
You can't stop it running away
And I knew
That time is something
That I could never save
All days of youth dissolve
And burn out like light
That's blown a fuse
There's only so much
Your words can do
So I'll keep searching for
Something I'll give to you
On and on
The start running away

All along I did it
Called it love but I
Would never give it
All away, yes all away
I saw the light and I get it
You're not alive if you
Won't die living
For today, yes for today
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  • 7 Draggin’ Me Down
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