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PMD Lyrics

Ba-bom, boom, aoowww, heh
I`m blast the cold blast, I`m back to cold blast
*scratch* from the Squad tower
(Yo don`t erase that intro!)

Chorus: repeat 4X (with variations and Hit Squad shoutouts)
I represent the hardcore rough rugged and raw
The PMD the mic`s my only friends

Verse One: PMD
I grab my cordless like my ***** DJ Scratch is on the cut
Hit Squad on live, PMD`s like what (what?)
I`m too rough, gettin snuffed all in the cut
Get with the rugged raw ****, catch a ***** in the gut
Cause I`m Blass and *****z *** stay gear with the Hilfiger
Timberland boots, Rolex, whip a Benz
So throw your hands up in the air like you don`t care
Chickenheads swingin from chandeliers in they underwear
That`s that be -boy ****, grab your big ****
Crack a 40, spark an L and get bent ****
Three eighty by the hip in case a ***** slip
Don`t like beefs or jealousy ****s?
It`s mass confusion *****z losin by the minute tryin to win it
But thanks to hip-hop, yo Scratch spin it

Chorus 1/2
Verse Two:
Yippie-yi-yay, yippy-yo, it`s the, slow-flow mechanic
Mass confusion is crusin just start to panic
and you don`t stop, got the Hit Squad backin me
Spark your L`s, honies sip your daquiri
Ask for P, my mission in to get richer and
lost my other half but I still got my Fisherman
hat, it ain`t over til the fat chickenhead catch
wreck, snap that ***** neck
I show and prove *****z best to move slow
The P the Mic Doc (c`mon) the micraphone`s my only
friend, can`t even trust nobody
Cause next thing you know I`m ****in bustin somebody
My shadow got my back and that`s the way it goes
Keep my eyes out for foes and remain on my tippy toes
Respect my flows then release it for the brothers
One to hundreds, the ****in certified top gunners
I keep a close knit quick to roast click
Bout to pull ****, a few dimepieces if the hoes fit
It don`t quit, it don`t stop, and never will and
so kill it, I`m strictly hardcore so you can see it

*shouts, DJ Scratch on the cut, misc.*

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