Painful Memories Rover of Sin Lyrics

Memorial to Suffering Track Listing
Cassette 1
  • 1 Memorial to Suffering
  • 2 Why?
  • 3 In My Tomb
  • 4 The Weeping of Unborn Children
  • 5 Rover of Sin
  • 6 No One Remains
  • And looked at the Sun till the darkness had blinded me.
    Light lost!
    I said to satan: Be master of my soul
    And sin penetrate into me
    Woe to me!
    "Everyone who keeps on sinning is a slave to sin"
    We are all rovers of sin!
    Serpent creeps and creeps into my essence
    Ancient serpent reign over the world
    Serpent seduces and curses me!
    Serpent vomiting his poison out
    "Sin gives death, it is sting"
    O, my God! What the matter with me! What must I do, help me!
    So I'm entreating You, save me!
    I'm quiet black for my sins those cry up to the Heaven
    We are all rovers of sin...
    O dreadful state!
    My many sins, My foolish dreames before the death make Emptiness!
    Woe to me! Quiet so, I feel the cruel fate that I have made...
    As stupid sow that has been washed goes back
    to roll around in the mud as I've done!
    The lust of the flesh leads me downto the bottom of hell by satanic spell!
    Hot burning abyss for a long time wait for me
    My mortal perishable body I shall leave
    A killer and adulterous man
    I'll depart who has devoted to the lust and flesh one's heart!
    This heart poisoned by lust!
    My conscience cry accusing me of the crimes!
    I've follen down and pray to You my God: Listen to me...

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