Bob Schneider Round & Round Lyrics

Lonelyland Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Metal & Steel
  • 2 Big Blue Sea
  • 3 Jingy
  • 4 Bullets
  • 5 The World Exploded into Love
  • 6 Round & Round
  • 7 Moon Song
  • 8 Madeline
  • 9 Tokyo
  • 10 Under My Skin
  • 11 Blue Skies for Everyone
  • 12 Better
  • 13 2002
  • 14 Oklahoma
  • 15 The King of the World
  • 16 The World Passes You By
  • 17 The Grave of Senior Corizo
  • When your head falls off your neck
    And hits the ground with a smack
    And you're back on the wrong track
    Where' your at when you lost you're head
    Get out of bed that's what I said
    And you're feeling like the dead seeing red
    Reborn where's my porn
    My pants are torn up damnit where's the wine
    Put my body in a pine box baby
    Bustin' clocks changin' my locks
    I know the time it's time to get up
    And get out and get over this
    But I don't know how and I don't know why

    And the world goes round
    And the world goes around
    And the world goes round & round

    When your bets been beat and they turn up the heat
    And you feel a little weak and you can hardly speak
    And the coconuts come to your house with a bomb
    And blow up the cake you got from your mom
    And your diapers aren't dry and the neighbors all die
    And you feel a little high a little higher than the big blue sky
    And you wring your hands and the blood pours out
    And the blood pours out

    When your friends evaporate and you can't catch a break
    And you're tied to the stake and everything you hate
    Comes crashing down on your big round
    Golen greazy crown and you can't make a sound
    And you feel like your drowning and you stumble through the dark
    And the dogs start to bark and you're fired on a lark
    And your skin starts to spark and you're burning up inside
    And your dentures start to slide

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