Mystikal Round Out Tha Tank Lyrics

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me that's who,
me me that's who,
me me that's who,
I'm tha round out tha tank,
I'm tha round out tha tank,
I'm tha round out tha tank,
I'm tha loud blacca blacca, wacca wacca coming from behind cha
Me that's who

(Chorus X 2)

I'm tha "weee" before tha "boom'
I'm tha fire in tha hole coming from tha tube
I'm tha claymore mine sittin in the dirt
I'm tha prone un-supported,
on the "doom doom doom" three round burst
I'm the sleepin bag in tha freezin weather
I'm tha fragmentation vest for shrapnel and flyin metal
I'm tha auto on tha fire selector
I'm tha thousand shells bouncin off tha brass deflector
squeeze tha trigger center mass when it's time to take aim,
I'm tha "waahhhaa-oooooo" when they ricochet down range Creepin Heatseekin and keeping my target
I'm tha biological threat you don't wanna go to war with Shoot to kill, I dig your fuckin grave where you live at
I'm almost there, one click away from yo Bivouac
flash bang, highly illuminated
this is Operation: Fuck up my destination

(Chorus X 2)

I'm all your rank, ribbons strips and brass and decorations
I'm that fucking hole in tha earth after detonation
C-130 airborne soldiers coming from the sky
Mechanized ground troops rollin just like HEMTT tires
a 50 mile road march, so save ya breath
if I don't get cha with tha rifle I'm a catch cha with my bayonet
I run with M1's, TOW's and Howitzers
I'm a 45 day 45 night field problem
I'm yo' smart book when tha live exercise begins
and when it gets dark, I'm noise and light disciplined
twelve bravo, run you out ya foxhole
make it to tha bunker, it ain't no survival
I'm that war vet that's combat ready
whether arctic, or jungle, or the middle of the desert
they try n make it when they know they can't
how the fuck yo gonna run from the round out the tank

(Chorus X 4)
Thanks to Johnny Luttrell for submitting Round Out Tha Tank Lyrics.

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