Grace Potter And The Nocturnals Roulette Lyrics

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I got a new bad habit and it's so hard to break
Why can't I put it down,
instead I raise the stakes
Heaven hear my call,
here's my soul to take
Because I'm in over my head and
I can't get away.

I'm playing roulette
but the wheel don't love me at all
I'm playing roulette
and my heart is a tumbling ball
And the wheel turns me over again;
I'm a helpless soul with a hopeless hand
And my heart's going deeper in debt,
that's what I get
When I'm playing roulette.

What happens in this town
don't stay here for too long
I take my winnings home,
but in the morning he's always gone.
Should I run away,
I wish I could change
There's a lion in my heart and
I know he can't be tamed


I feel like I'm always running,
I'm just as lost as my mind is
Maybe one more spin will save me;
if I lost you know where to find me


I'm playing roulette,
I'm playing roulette,
I'm playing roulette.

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